“Health is the first duty in life.” – Oscar Wilde –

individual holistic health concept

In addition to medical diagnostics, traditional examinations and medical pain therapy, we offer you an individual holistic health concept. We give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of alternative methods.

medical diagnostics

We record your physical condition and give you an overall picture of your health problems.

Our therapy offer


Plasmolifting ™ technology is widely used in aesthetic medicine, trichology, orthopedics, urology, dentistry, gynecology and other fields of medicine.


Now metabolism!
Our therapists accompany you with the Sanguinum 360 ° Metabolic Treatment to the desired weight – with an individual therapy plan and medical know-how.

ozone therapy

Ozone therapy has a subtle modulation against various disease states

of cytokines and antioxidant enzymes

at a very elementary level of “regulation”


Genetically tailored solution for health, sports and beauty

SensoPro Trainer

Train coordination, strength, stamina and explosiveness in 20 minutes on one device.

Coordination, strength, endurance and rehabilitation training on 3m²

P. Jentschura

For 25 years, the P. Jentschura brand has stood for high-quality basic body care products, excess base foods and regenerative oxygen applications. Nature in all its perfection serves as a model for our philosophy.


The wild Alaskan blueberry is not only the central ingredient of Kyäni Sunrise, but is also the symbol of Kyäni’s culture and perseverance. Today Kyäni’s Triangle of Wellness provides millions of people with more well-being and optimizes the lives of many worldwide.


OXAKTIV cosmetic

A new cosmetic with a biological active oxygen complex The oxactiv cream is a composition created by “ozone and olive […]

P. Jentschura

Natural products for your acid-base balance. For 25 years, P. Jentschura brand has stood for high-quality basic body care products, […]


With Kyäni (ki:ya:ni) as a nutritional supplement, you not only get a product that optimally supplies your body with vitamins […]

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