Now metabolism!


You want to lose weight at last? We support you with an individual therapy plan of our medical know-how and the Sanguinum metabolism cure to the desired weight.

But was “Sanguinum” actually meant? As sanguine people special, living and “light” people are described with an active metabolism.

WHY “METABOLISM” IS MORE SUBSTANTIAL THAN A DIET Holistically reduce weight with the Sanguinum metabolism cure. Many diets promise quick successes, but that usually takes you just as fast again. Sanguinum, on the other hand, offers you a holistic and therefore long-term concept.

The causes of obesity are very individual. Not only diet and lack of exercise play a role. Also, hormonal changes due to pregnancy and menopause or thyroid disease may play a role.

What does the Sanguinum cure offer?
At the beginning of the cure there are detailed information and counseling sessions as well as thorough preliminary examinations: For example, diabetics differ in regard to their body constitution from competitive athletes or pregnant women, men from women, older people from younger patients, etc.

The personal nutrition consultation is supplemented by a special patient book. The diet is filling, varied, uncomplicated in the purchase of ingredients and not only for the dieter itself, but for the whole family a treat. How about salmon filet with tomato and onion vegetables, a quick organic chicken soup with asparagus and lemon, a tofu fruit casserole or a full-bodied vanilla dessert?

The focus is on a low-carbohydrate and low-fat diet that provides energy and works in favor of lean muscle without reduced protein levels, supplemented by plenty of exercise.

At one to three appointments per week, there is nutritional supplementation or “homeopathic” support in which a homeopathic complexing agent is injected. Observations and computer-based evaluations of body composition as well as detoxification via special teas are added. Finally, there will be a post-workout for weight stabilization and a six-month follow-up.


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