The key to a healthy, athletic body: genetic analysis
A healthy body is desirable for many people today. The ideal of beauty has changed over the last decades and so has the demands on oneself. A slim body is considered healthy, fit and beautiful. For this reason, people are consciously feeding on calories, avoiding carbs and forbidding any feasting. The gym as well as units with a personal trainer are on the daily program. For many people, this lifestyle works and they achieve their goal. But for a not insignificant part of the people, only one thing comes to mind: frustration. They eat less than others and yet the scales show no change. The daily visit to the gym, but also the love handles do not disappear. But why is that? On our genes, on our heritage.
Every cell in our body has genes. These determine the color of our eyes, the length of our noses and the hair color. This is how the blueprint for our body is created. In summary, genes determine who we are. And that provision can not be changed. But creating a genetic analysis not only provides explanations for diseases, but also helps to optimize the body and well-being.

Using ProGenom to create the genetic analysis
With ProGenom we have set ourselves the goal of educating people about their disease risk and optimizing their health roadmap. This not only minimizes health risks, but also achieves personal goals in terms of nutrition and exercise. We recognize genetic prejudices and help you to counteract them.
Through a serious and safe approach, ProGenom has created a network of renowned physicians, naturalists, human geneticists and molecular biologists. The ongoing evolution of gene analysis is making general health advice more irrelevant. With ProGenom a personal strategy can be developed to achieve health goals. Because every human being is different and so are his genes.

ProGenom for a fit, slim body
While many of your fellow humans do not consume carbohydrates, do you think they can even lose weight? This is an important point in gene analysis. Individual differences in genes also make diets look very different. It is all the more important to get to know your own body and its needs. A genetic analysis shows exactly which foods and diets make sense individually and which do not.
The same is true of movement and sport. While many people quickly lose kilos through endurance training, other people react poorly to endurance training or feel no change in the body. These questions are also answered by a gene analysis of ProGenom.
With the help of human genetics, it is possible to pinpoint exactly which foods are good for your body and which are not. The optimal calorie intake and the perfect sport also show a gene analysis.

All information about a ProGenom gene analysis
A genetic analysis is uncomplicated and yet extensive with information. With the help of a cotton swab, a saliva sample can be taken and gets into our laboratory. After evaluating the results, eight key genes are analyzed and the personal weight loss program and health can be created. In this area, the analysis comes without medical care.

The individual nutrition plan includes 1000 foods and shows the compatibility. In addition to the nutritional plan, the gene analysis includes a recipe book that simplifies the implementation. It contains individual recipes for your genes and a 30-day menu.
Of course, not only is your health a top priority, but also the security of your data. So we at ProGenom not only have numerous security measures. The identity and the analysis results are stored separately.
Now do a gene analysis with ProGenom and improve not only your well-being, but also your life.

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