The coordination concept SensoPro was developed in 2009 by Kaspar Schmocker, a sports scientist from Bern. As part of his studies, he wanted to construct a device that allows sensorimotor training under stress. With complex movements, easy on the joints, easy and safe to use. Last but not least, training on this device should be fun and motivating, according to the plan.

A few years later, this resulted in a comprehensive concept that particularly emphasizes the relevance and added value of coordination. The device trains strength, endurance, stabilization, reaction and coordination with a lot of variety. It represents a coordination concept for people in different life situations – no matter if top athlete or older person with Parkinson’s.

As a result, the SensoPro Trainer can be used in health sports, rehab and athletics. The concept is a structured, video-based coordination training. You always know how long to do an exercise and what to look for. The video programs are progressively structured. Thus, you benefit from a constantly new training stimulus and a high degree of variety in the field of coordination.

areas of application

In addition to the “classic” strength and endurance training, we offer you a complete coordination training.

The SensoPro should motivate to train and sets new training priorities such as coordination, body awareness and functionality.

With the Video Kit you can complete numerous training sessions after a single introduction.

Holistic and gentle strain on every patient: Due to the spring system, the passive structures (bones, joints, tendons, etc.) are significantly less strained. This allows you to perform holistic exercises with adequate muscle stimuli already in the early stages of rehabilitation.

Differentiation and training security: SensoPro offers you the opportunity to specifically address various injuries, incorrect workloads or coordination deficits on 6m2. You can set new stimuli and challenges permanently under safe training conditions and depending on the training focus.

Training variety and variety: Benefit from a limitless exercise selection and training change. From rehab to elite sports, we have the right training for everyone and can set new stimuli.

Optimization of sport-specific movement sequences: Carry out a targeted coordination training to optimize mobility, agility and responsiveness according to the requirement profile of the respective sport. Based on the complex and holistic training constellations, sport-specific movement patterns and procedures are trained and optimized under difficult conditions.

Coordination under load: Test and extend limits with the help of high-intensity training sessions under challenging coordination conditions. Depending on the competition stress of the respective sport, different training programs were developed, which promote all athletes holistically.

Injury Prevention: Each training session on the SensoPro improves your inter- and intramuscular coordination and prepares muscle chains for intense stress. Continuous improvements in the quality and precision of movement will help to prevent premature abuse and coordinative deficits that can lead to injury.

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